Revenge of the Waffles

Revenge of the Waffles (2019)




Project Info

  • Fatshark Game Jam
  • Status: Done
  • Members: 3
  • Contributor: 2
  • Language: C#
  • Engine: Unity


  • Programming


Revenge of the Waffles (2019)


You ate too many waffles and now they have had enough.

Shoot the lighting fork in the dough to score points and avoid the flesh eating waffles at all cost!

Move - WASD
Run - Shift
Aim - Mouse
Throw Lightning Fork - While holding the fork press the left mouse button

Programmers:             - Jonas Roininen

                                       - Christoffer Lundberg



Character Modelling:  - Joel Nallo



Environmental Art:      - Edvard SilĂ©n


Music:                            - CCBY AlexBeroza

Copyright @ All Rights Reserved