Turtle Turtle Revolution (GGJ 2019)

Turtle Turtle Revolution (2019)



Project Info

  • Global Game Jam 2019
  • Time: 17 hours
  • Status: Done
  • Members: 2
  • Language: C#
  • Engine: Unity


  • Programming
  • Game Design


Turtle Turtle Revolution - Super Radical XTREME Edition (2019)


With Coolcodile counting on you, you skate through town with everyone against you. Will you reach home.... of fail along the way?


A Rhythm based DDR game where you avoid obstacles to the beat of the music!

Programmers:       - Jonas Roininen

                                 - Filip Andersson



Artist:                      - Sofia Almqvist



Musician:                - Kristoffer Engman


Main Menu Art:     - Conny Nordlund

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